Webinars for SEO and link building?

webinar for link building

One of the more difficult link building strategies is the one with webinars. When you already have a following it might be easy to have thousand people join your webinar, but the difficult is to have them share a link to your site.

Webinars for SEO and link building

Only use this strategy when you are able to invite over 100 people. When you are lucky there will be a 20% success rate of sign ups. That means 20 out of 100 might sign up.

Webinars are mainly not hosted on your own website. The one getting the back links is the one hosting the webinar and you don’t want to spend your bandwidth on that since it might get very expensive when the number of attendants rises.

In order to earn links from your audience you can for example point them to important material you are offering on your website.

I have gathered a few options to get backlinks with the webinar strategy:

  • Have a page about the webinar with a description on your site to people can share THAT page with their friends.
  • When you make a statement in your webinar, always refer to a source on your own site.
  • Link to guides, recourses and infographics that empower the topic. Feed the attendants the information they need. You are the expert, you have to tell them what to do.

When people reference or mention you, your website or your webinar to others, it is most likely that they will also link to it.

When the webinar was a success and you did not forget to record it for future purposes, upload it to a hidden section on your website. When it is hidden, you can ask website visitors to sign up with your site to watch the video or have a social locker plugin to unlock the webinar when they share a link to social media.

Some people just don’t have the time to watch a webinar. Offer a transcript of the webinar using the same method as mentioned: hidden page or social locker.

No inspiration to create a webinar? Read the following to find the different types of webinar.

webinar for link building

Webinar for link building, SEO Hero knows how!

  • Keynote presentation – this is a motivational speech or presentation. When you are attending an event around a certain topic, the keynote presentation is the overall covering presentation for the whole event.
  • Training session – transfer your skills and knowledge through education and instructions. The participant don’t have to be in the same room. After the session you can point them to the handout on your site. In exchange of a link of course.
  • Training course – when you are doing one webinar well, it is only small step to extend it with more sessions. The training session is now a training course. Maybe you can even give the ‘students’ homework between the sessions.
  • Interview experts – to keep the words rolling, invite experts to the webinar. They also love their job and know a lot about it. Having influential people is also handy because they can share the link to the sign up page with their followers.
  • Presenting remotely – this is also a sort of webinar. The attendants are in the same room, but you are not. This strategy looks a bit like videoconferencing, but the topic is more educational.

This is not an easy link building strategy. However, when you can get experience with a handful of listeners, that can eventually end up with you speaking as a keynote presenter at a worldwide event in your line of business.

So, not only creating backlinks is the reason for webinars. It is also investing in yourself as a brand in the long run.

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