How to Use Slide Sharing Sites For Traffic

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How to Use Slide Sharing Sites For Traffic. is by far the best slide sharing site with by far the highest ranking possibilities of all slide sharing sites in the world. Make sure to put your best foot forward and create the best PowerPoint presentation you have ever made. Keep in mind that you are marketing your brand here.

How to Use Slide Sharing Sites For Traffic

Slideshare and other slide sharing websites offer the visitor a way to share the link to their friends on social media and also to embed the slide on another website. When to different websites link to the slide share website and the slide share website is linking to you, this is called 2-tier linking. This is really beneficial for your SEO.

Here are some tips for you to make the PowerPoint presentation everyone wants to link to.

Do not use images that include text. This can’t be read by the search engines and the slide sharing website itself. Instead, use images with actual text. It will get better indexed and found when a website visitor conducts a search.

The first slide visible is the title slide. Is has to draw attention and keep de reader attracted. Make this a key slide by giving it the most of your time to design it. Include the important keywords in the main title and try to include your business name, phone number and website URL.

Just like the first slide, the last slide is also important. This one might have a call to action and have the reader contact you or do whatever you wish the reader should do.


  • Ask to visit your site,
  • Ask for contact information,
  • Invite to join your forum,
  • Have them sign up for a free webinar, eBook, consult, etc.

Every slide has a header and a footer. Put relevant information here like your name and phone number. Anything you wouldn’t want them to miss.

After publishing your presentation, don’t forget to link to it yourself. Have a link or embed it on your blog or website. Share it with the special buttons on your LinkedIn company page or twitter accounts. You can also create social backlinks and not only depend on others.

Next to Slideshare, the must use platform operated by LinkedIn, also consider other slide sharing platforms. It is advisable to slightly edit the slides to avoid duplicate content.

Slide sharing websites offer their members to have a profile page. You most definitely have to optimize this page with the right images and descriptions. When the site offers you space for your links and social media accounts, always include them!

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