Technical SEO Checklist PDF for WordPress 2017

Technical SEO Checklist PDF for WordPress SEO Hero

Technical SEO Checklist 2017 – PDF for WordPress. Kickstart your WordPress website with SEO Hero’s checklist for SEO. Your fastest way to the top of the SERPs!

Technical SEO Checklist 2017 – PDF for WordPress

SEO Hero created you a SEO Checklist to use every time you are designing or optimizing a website. Webdesign without SEO is like a beach without the ocean: can’t do without each other. So, does that mean that every web designer should know SEO tricks? No, but when you are building your website or your client’s website with WordPress knowing a bit of SEO things might come in handy.

Our Technical SEO Checklist 2017 – PDF for WordPress is free to download in our seo shop. Just add it to your cart and walk through the steps in the shopping process. You will not be charged.

The Technical SEO part of the checklist is about 14 measurements that you should take. Following the steps on the Technical SEO Checklist PDF for WordPress will skyrocket your website to the top of the SERPs when combined with other parts in SEO. Let me explain what the technical SEO measures are.

Technical SEO Checklist 2017 – PDF for WordPress

  1. Install WordPress for SEO
    WordPress is considered one of the most SEO-friendly content management systems in the world. WordPress is used by millions of websites and among those are sites like the New York Times and other great publications. Combine WordPress with the following plugins and themes and you have a golden SEO-combination.
  2. Install a responsive theme
    Responsive themes are designed for both personal computer and mobile device usage. The theme of the website will change it appearance automatically when viewed on a screen with a different size than normal. The menu also changes to the size of the screen of the device and sometimes changes in the well known hamburger sign. Being suitable for mobile devices is on the SEO measures that Google needs to see on your site. Non-mobile friendly websites are being flushed down the result pages very soon. If your website is not responsive, you will lose the online battle in SEO. Check out MyThemeShop for the best responsive and fastest themes.
    my theme shop seo hero
  3. Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    You need to let Google know your website exists and that is has to get indexed by Google. Adding the Google Analytics code to the footer of your website is one thing. Connect the Google Search Console to the website is also needed. Next is connecting Google Analytics to the Search Console and have them talk to each other. This not only fastens the process of indexing, it also gives you valuable information about how your site is doing SEO-wise. The following questions are answered by these two great and free to use tools:

    1. How long are people on your website?
    2. What pages do people visit on your website?
    3. What is the bounce rate of the visitors?
    4. What keywords did they enter before ending up on your website?
    5. What was their journey on your website?
    6. What does your website rank with in the SERPs?
    7. Add your sitemap to Google.
    8. And a lot more features that look technical SEO but they are actually not difficult to implement!You now already have 3 out of 13 of the measures on our Technical SEO Checklist for WordPress.
  4. Reduce Bounce Rate plugin
    This is really a cool piece of software. The Reduce Bounce Rate plugin for WordPress works a follows: when a person is on your website, Google Analytics gets a heads up and registers the visitor. But this only happens when the visitor clicks a link or opens a page or something. What if he reads a 1500 word article? Then only one time Google is noticed. The Reduce Bounce Rate plugin is an ideal solution. It fires an event every few seconds to let Google know the visitor is still on the page! The bounce rate displayed in Google Analytics is a lot lower than without the plugin. Having a low bounce rate might tell Google that your website has very relevant information on which visitors tend to stick. Voila! Being relevant is a SEO ranking factor.
    Reduce Bounce Rate for technical SEO
  5. Autoptimize plugin for WordPress SEO
    Ever test your website having returned errors about to many CSS and HTML scripts that should be combined as one? Well, the solution is around the corner. And it is free, as we like it at SEO Hero. Autoptimize is a plugin that can combine files to one and reduce the number of lookups. This has made our website almost one second faster and that is really a lot. Autoptimize speeds up your website and helps you save bandwidth by aggregating and minimizing JS, CSS and HTML. Download Autoptimize for WordPress for free.
    Autoptimize plugin for WordPress SEO
  6. Yoast SEO plugin
    Installing, activating and using the Yoast SEO plugin is a no brainer. If you have entered any SEO and WordPress related search term in Google, this wonderful plugin must have popped up.
    Yoast is stuffed with functions and features and is what you need. Whether is be adding meta tags, breadcrumbs, a sitemap, RSS-feeds, and so on.. You just need Yoast SEO. And, as the plugin description says is all: Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using Yoast SEO plugin.
    yoast seo plugin by seo hero
  7. Better Delete Revision
    Writing content will create different versions of the content. Every time you hit the save draft button in the admin area where you type your blog articles, a revision is added to the database. Eventually this will delay your database resulting in a slow website. Use this cool plugin to keep your database clean from revisions. Keep in mind to only delete revisions after publishing your post. You don’t want to end up without revisions after a crash on your webserver.. The Better Delete Revisions plugin for WordPress is also a free download. Remove and delete old revision of posts, pages and related meta content completely then optimize Database: reduce size and optimization to speed up!
    better delete revision
  8. Remove query strings from static resources
    This plugin will remove query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files, and will improve your speed scores in services like PageSpeed, YSlow, Pingdoom and GTmetrix. Resources with a “?” or “&” in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers, and moving the query string and encode the parameters into the URL will increase your WordPress site performance significant. Using the plugin Remove Query Strings From Static Resources solves the problem.
    Remove Query Strings From Static Resources technical seo plugin
  9. SEO Auto Links
    Linking to internal pages and articles is a beneficial measure to ranking higher in Google and other search engines. The internet does not stop at your website, linking to other websites than yours is also important. You can me this go on auto pilot with the plugin SEO Auto Links. Enter a keyword followed by the URL you wish to point that keyword to and every new article will have the link to that page with the keyword as the anchor text. With SEO Auto Links you can easily add links (automatically) for keywords and phrases in posts, pages and comments and link them to corresponding posts, pages, categories, tags or any URL.
    SEO hero auto links
  10. Social Share Plugin by AccessPress
    Social signals are an important ranking factor within Search Engine Optimization. Every page or article on your blog should have sharing buttons. If the visitor likes what he sees, he is most likely to share it with friends and family on social media. AccessPress’ Social Share plugin allows website owners to add the sharing buttons to any spot using a shortcode. The buttons are large and easy to see. Using the buttons to share the page on social media is easy. If you like this technical SEO checklist 2017, please hit one of the following buttons to share the page with your friends:
  11. Revive Old Post
    You have been working around the clock for a while and produced a lot of content. In order to keep that interesting and in front of your fans, this plugin can recycle it. This plugin can keep your older posts alive by automatically share them on social media. The lite version of the Revive Old Post plugin allows you to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. The professional version allows more platforms and more of accounts on the same platform (i.e. 3x Twitter and 2x Facebook).

    Revive old post plugin for wordpress seo 2017
  12. WP SEO Structured Data Schema Plugin
    Structured data is hidden data. It is generated in JSON, a type of javascript, and is going to be the next big ranking factor. Google and others are first looking for meta data in order to determine the topic of the article or page. After that, the rest of the page is being crawled and indexed. You can read an extensive article on SEO-Hacker’s blog. Install the WP SEO Structured Data Schema Plugin to your WordPress website and add Schema data to all your pages and articles. There is no question that structured data that produces rich snippet “bling” that improves SERP click through rates (CTR). Virtually every search engine expert on the planet will tell you that organic click through rates are a major search engine optimization ranking factor. Your site can not do without structured data. Give Google a helping hand and install the WP SEO Structured Data Schema Plugin today.
    WP SEO HERO Structured Data Schema seo checklist
  13. SSL secured!
    Last but not least: SSL. The Secure Sockets Layer certificate secures the connection between the webserver (your site) and the computer of the visitor. Google announced in 2015 that this is the next big ranking factor. In 2016, SSL counted for a 0.2 points in SEO ranking. We are sure that this will be increased in 2017. Does your hosting company offer free SSL certificates? Install one today and offer your visitors a secure experience. Read more on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: HTTPS as a ranking signal


This is the Technical SEO Checklist for 2017 for WordPress. Download our FREE SEO checklist 2017 in our SEO Hero shop.

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