SEO HERO Tip: Offer Visitors Something Free

lead generatie with mailchimp

A few steps are important before we even try to get more traffic to our website. In order to be relevant, it is neccessary to have something everybody wants or needs. We also need to know who is coming to the website. Second, your website needs to have a form with which a website visitor can sign up and receive the freebie: an ebook.

How To Offer Visitors Something Free – SEO HERO Tip

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MailChimp Tutorial For Beginners


MailChimp is the most used software platform to gather e-mail addresses, this is your mailchimp tutorial for beginners. These e-mail addresses can be used to send newsletters to. MailChimp’s core business is to offer webmasters and website owners a system to collect e-mail addresses, create and send newsletters by e-mail. Lead generation is the marketing term behind the process of collecting e-mail addresses from visitors on your website or blog. These visitors are captured to try to convert them to customers buying your service or product. Read our mailchimp tutorial for beginners. Read More