SEO Hero | What social media platforms have SEO value

SEO Hero What social media platforms have SEO value

SEO Hero believes that social media networks can deliver a lot of visitors to your website. Social media networks can bring a lot of new customers. You are able to connect with equal, influencial people in your line of business. There is almost always a discussion group on your topic, according to SEO Hero.

SEO Hero | What social media platforms have SEO value

The social media websites that have the biggest daily user base are a good starting point for your online marketing strategy today. The four are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Becoming part of these networks means that you can make contact met others and share experience and learn from their experience.

Note: is fashion your business? Skip these 4 and move isntantly on to Pinterest! A great starting point is the blog on traffic growth. You can find Anna here, and you should definately follow her on social media.

SEO Hero in short: what are the social networks about?

LinkedIn – you can create a company page. With the right description of your company and naming the core business you are better positioned in Google. This is ideal for B2B entrepreneurs.

Facebook – not only a personal network. Creating a business page allows you te gather likes and shares, and even more important: reviews. These are very important ranking factors called social signals. In other words: Google loves these signals!

Twitter – the best and fastest way to connect with anybody. Quick respond to questions, online helpdesk, share relevant information, retweet stuff. Brand building comes first and at SEO Hero we think that Twitter is a great addition to your business network at LinkedIn. SEO Hero believes that Twitter should move from personal network to a business network to be able to make some money lately.

Google+ – a company page in Google Local Business is a no brainer. You can not do without! Without a Google+ page for your company you are leaving a lot valuavle virtual SEO-points on the table.

SEO Hero’s Conclusion

The mentioned social media platforms all have their SEO benefits. Your website will be better positioned in GOogle and other search engines. This is especially because social signals are a high ranking factor, showing you are an expert when people are talking about you: likes, shares, retweets, etc.

Second, you can reach a bigger audience and get more traffic to your website. It is needed to share relevant information to have the readers click the link and enter your funnel.

Start today with social media. You can also automate some processes to not occupy your day with sharing. Join our forum and I will happily explain what there can be automated and what tools we use at SEO Hero.


SEO Hero What social media platforms have SEO value

SEO Hero | What social media platforms have SEO value

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