SEO HERO Tip: Offer Visitors Something Free

lead generatie with mailchimp

A few steps are important before we even try to get more traffic to our website. In order to be relevant, it is neccessary to have something everybody wants or needs. We also need to know who is coming to the website. Second, your website needs to have a form with which a website visitor can sign up and receive the freebie: an ebook.

How To Offer Visitors Something Free – SEO HERO Tip

Having a perfect website is the basis in getting more and new customers. Byt, these customers are not just people ending up on your website by accident. Your website needs to have these killer elements that makes them want to return anytime. The main purpose is to build a relationshop between your company and the customer.

This is called lead generation.

When you practice lead generation you have the possibility to make a list with names and email addresses. The people on that list are called leads.

One of the possibilities in creating the list and make the number of members grow is offering something for free, like an ebook containing important pre-sales information. When you are able to get to the customer before the customer realizes the need of the product, you are a about to be a rich man/woman.

Lead generatie with mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the great online services that offer you everything you need to create, grow and maintain a lead generation list. Go to to open a free account. You are free as you go until you exceed the amount of 2000 subscribers on your list. Find our MailChimp ebook on this website as a free download.

It is not difficult to start with lead generation. Alols you need is a system to collect the leads and a website on which you show the sign up form. Start using MailChimp today.

Al alternative is Mautic. This is a free and unlimited open source initiative. Mautic offers a wide range of options like lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Rough terms, I know. Stick with MailChimp first. Download our free ebook in the shop and learn using it. You can always upgrade to another system in a later stadium.lead generatie with mailchimp

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