SEO HERO Tip: What Is An Effective Email?

Effective Emails with AIDA

Our SEO HERO tip for today involves writing a prefect email. This has all to do with using MailChimp which we explained in the previous SEO HERO tip article: MailChimp Tutorial for Beginners. Practicing SEO is only interesting if you know what to do with the visitors on your website as the result of that search engine optimization.

Effective Email: Before You Start

Before typing the email you wish to send to your members, think about the purpose of the message. What do you want to tell, explain or have the reader do. Not only your entire marketing campaign has a goal, the emails are also with a purpose. ALways keep in mind that the reader has probably got another 20 unread messages in the inbox and an effective email is what you need to stand out od the crowd.

One of the most effective ways is to make an email personal.  Once the email is opened by the receiver, you have to retain the attention from him. Writing good content that makes the reader stick to it end read it untill the end is really important. To make that good content and add it to the effective email, the AIDA formula is a way to go.

Effective Emails with AIDA

In 1925 the book Theories of Selling was published by writer E. Strong. It was in this book that AIDA was first mentioned in history. Although the AIDA model is already over 90 years of age, it still is appliccable today.

AIDA is about the process of making purchase desicions.

AIDA is an acronym for:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

AIDA’s letters are explained. But, how do we use them in the text?

Attention is used in the headline. You want to attract the attention from the reader. The reader or your next customer has to know that you exist. The second letter is the ‘i’ from Interest. After getting the attention, making the reader interested in your product is the next step. You can for example use a sub heading to fire the interest. Desire has to be created and can be done by summing up the advantages of your product. You can use bullets to keep it readable. Action is the so-called call to action. You want the reader to do something: sign up, call you, send an email, buy stuff. Without the call to action, the entire text is useless.

In our free ebook you will find additional information regarding AIDA and how you use it in your email marketing campaigns using MailChimp.

Effective Emails with AIDA

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