SEO Hero Beginner Link Building Strategie: Directories

seo hero directory link building

Some people call directories ‘link farms’. Not so long ago a lot of directories were launched with the sole function of selling space to add your link. Like stated before, Google doesn’t like it when link building is done unnaturally.

SEO Hero Beginner Link Building Strategie: Directories

Directories were infamous for stuffing millions of links with no function of whatsoever. Even an anchor text wasn’t added to the listing so a penalty from the search engine followed for a lot of companies.

seo hero directory link building

But, are directories still a no go area then? Nope, but it has to be done right. Don’t buy links at random, do your homework.

It is best and proven worthy to find local business directories. In the USA Craigslist and Yelp are well known for building you online presence at. Profiles on these type of website are really great to support your own website.

Local directories are by far the best way to find new customers and to bring more traffic to your site.

Local directories really help your website to rank higher when local people are looking for the product or service you are offering.

It is best to submit your website to directories that also give some space for a piece of text. In the description you will explain the future reader what your business is about and problem you can solve for the customers. It is extremely important that the free listing already has the ability to display a link to your website. Less important, but still a perk is when the listing text allows you to use an anchor text with a link to your site. This gives a better so-called link juice back to you.

There are a few websites that you have to list your company at, whatever country you are located:

  • Google places for business – this section is the one on the top left of the page with search results also showing on Google maps with contact information. Happy customers can leave a review, and positive reviews are priceless.
  • Bing places for business – available in the USA and UK, same benefit as with Google places for business
  • Yahoo local listing – the world’s 3rd search engine, unfortunately they charge you a whopping $10 monthly for displaying your logo and a description. Consider if this is worth to you.
  • Yelp – is one of the best places for your company to be listed. A free account already has the ability to show your logo and give a brief description of who you are and what you do.

The list can go on and on, but not all directories allow businesses from anywhere in the world. The 4 mentioned are internationally oriented no matter in what country you are operating.

Do a search online and try to find business directories in your area.

When are they successful?

Business directories are successful when they offer you space to put text in. You need to draw people to your website and a sales page is needed to do that.

There should be at least an option to put your website link in the advertisement. When this a link is also offered within the text where you can choose the anchor text, this is highly beneficial.

In order to get found within your line of business. The business directory should also have a list of categories in which you can list your business. Google is then able to determine your keyword, the business you are in, and rank your company website better.

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