Publishing interview is often recommended as a link building strategy

interview expert for link building

Publishing interview is often recommended as one of the best and trusted link building strategies. The person interviewed will most likely share a link to the page where the interview article is uploaded with his or her followers.

Publishing interview – How to start

First of all, who are the most influential people in your line of business. Make a list of 25 names that you think are worth asking questions to. Second, gather information about how many followers they have on their social media accounts and if and how long their mailing list is. After all, you are looking for backlinks and exposure both.

When your list is complete, pick at least 15 most influential persons from that list in your business and send them an email.

Now, 15 may seem like a lot, but remember that they will not all be interested in your questions. Hopefully you will get 5 emails back with answers. 5 Is a great score (30%).

Now it is your job to write an article around it. When you have sent an interview with 10 questions to which you will have 20 words long answers from 5 people, you will have 1000 words to deal with. It should be easy to write a 1500 to 2000 words article around it.

Send the people that are interviews an email with the link and invite them to share the article on their site.

Bottom line for this link building strategy is that it takes time to (a) build a list of people worth interviewing, (b) investigate their marketing value and (c) think of at least 10 questions about your topic.

Is it worth the effort? I think it is. When you are able to find the real influential people in your line of business, you can have serious traffic from their followers.

Give it a shot.

3 Steps to get the perfect interview

Warm up. People like to talk about themselves, so sit down and let them do the talking. Small talk is permitted, but it is best to keep it with the business: when did you start in the business? What is it like working in your company? What is your opinion on X?

The next step is to move to what you came for. This part needs the preparation and you have to find a goal with the interview. First of all, why did you choose this company and this person to talk to?

When you are closing in to the end of the interview, always ask for two or three names the person interviewed would recommend talking to. You are looking for more business insiders to interview in a later stadium.

Don’t forget to leave a thank you note. Ask for a business card to obtain the person’s personal email address.

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