SEO Checklist For WordPress


SEO Checklist for Wordpress is a free download in PDF.

Use our SEO Checklist for Wordpress next to your webdesign skills and don’t skip a step in the SEO process by mistake. You will be able to check yourself doing the right SEO with our SEO Checklist for Wordpress.

Why Use The SEO Checklist for WordPress

Repetitive tasks like performing SEO on a website, have to be done correctly in order to have them be useful. A good solution in not forgetting anything in the SEO process is the use of a checklist for SEO.

With the SEO Checklist for WordPress you:

  • ..can save brain power for more creative things,
  • ..can save time,
  • ..can delegate more easy. No need to explain how it works.

Download it for free:



The SEO Checklist for WordPress covers the following things to check:

  1. Technical SEO check
    1. Verify with Google analytics and search console,
    2. What WordPress plugins to use,
    3. Etc.
  2. On-Page SEO
    1. Keyword research
    2. Keyword usage in SEO
    3. How long or short an article has to be to benefit from SEO
    4. How to write the text for SEO
    5. Etc.
  3. Local SEO Checklist
    1. Where do you put your location info?
    2. What pages do you need?
    3. Etc.
  4. Microdata for SEO
    1. Meta tags,
    2. Microdata
    3. Schema
    4. Location information
  5. Some tools for testing and keywords
    1. What tools you can use for speedtesting
    2. What tools you can use for finding technical flaws
    3. How to check the page and domain authority
    4. Where to find the best domain names that expired and are free
    5. Several microdata and meta data generators

Download this SEO Checklist for WordPress for free as a PDF.


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