Link building checklist – before you start building your links


Link building is one of the most important factors in how search engines rank your website. Building links can be accomplished through a number of different ways, but some ingredients just need to be part of any successful link building strategy.

To help you move forward in creating a back link profile for your website use the following steps to create the link building marketing plan.

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Google is the most popular and most used search engine in the world. We are focusing on Google. What they want to see is that your website adds value to the visitors of Google. When someone runs a search in the search engine, Google wants to give a relevant answer. When your site is number one, but every time Google delivers a visitor that instantly comes back to the result page to click the site in the number two spot, there is something wrong. Google then determines automatically that your website could not answer the question and the associated page or article will be devalued for the next time someone seeks an answer. Conclusion is that your content must be relevant. And then you can focus on getting quality backlinks.

The number of websites pointing to your website with a link is not important. The number of quality links is more important.

Search engines can only determine the value your site is offering through the number of quality links pointing to it.

Bottom line: link building is important to be recognized by search engines as a valuable expert in your business, and get traffic to your website organically



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