Paid Links – Why Should A SEO Hero care?

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Paid links are obviously the most expensive way of link building and SEO, it should also be considered as an investment. This also means that you have to do your research to find the best possible websites to put your link at. You have to find out if the website you have picked has so-called authority on the internet. Remember the previous section ‘The value of links’?

Paid Links – Why Should A SEO Hero care?

To give you a head start: .gov and .edu are the most valuable top level domains that you can get a link to your website from. Google thinks that getting mentioned on a website with this extension does mean that the educational or governmental website is speaking highly of your website or service.

But are these gov and edu links really valuable? To be honest, not always. The domain from NASA space agency has a PageRank 9 from google. But when are in selling cars or mortgages, then it just isn’t interesting at all. You have to find the best websites or blogs in your niche and then determine if you are willing to pay for a link on that website.

It is a given fact that edu and gov domains have a lot of traffic, thus a lot of potential customers to your business. Together with good page authority and domain authority it might be a good place to have a backlink at.

Examples of payed links

It is not difficult to find a few payed link opportunities. Here are few paid link methods I frequently use.

  1. Buy a tweet –,,

Depending on your budget, there is a solution for any price. Buying a tweet is as easy as A. write the text, B. enclose a shortened url and C. pay the amount requested. Influential people with thousands of followers will tweet your message to their followers.

When you have an almost unlimited budget you can even ‘hire’ celebrities to tweet about your product. According to celebrities offer their followers to advertises for prices ranging from 2500 dollar to 8000 dollars. Rapper Snoop Dogg will tweet your message to 6 million followers for 8000 dollars.

  1. Link roundups – buy a spot in a link roundup. A link roundup is a collection of recommended links which is sent to a mailing list of a blog or brand. Finding the best link roundup is not so easy though.
  2. Pay to be cited by a local news website. Prices are around 150usd for that but it gives a hot local link and that might be exactly what you need.
  3. Pay bloggers to review your product.

Finding a blogger that is willing to write about your product is not so difficult. A great website for that is where the offer a service to connect product owners to bloggers. You can narrow the search criteria down to the topic of the blog (like lifestyle, tech or beauty) and how many readers they have monthly.

  1. Offer discount – when your product is something anyone can use, the reviewer might be interested in it as well. Offer a discount or free subscription or product to have one write about it and demand a link back in exchange of the free stuff.
  2. Sponsor something

This can go many ways. You can sponsor for charity or you can sponsor a whitepaper, webinar or anything else that is digital.

I have found a great article on the website of where they explain over 100 tricks to get paid backlinks. The link can be found in the supplemental material of this lecture.

A few tips..

Here you have four tips that can keep you on track when building links to your website. Sometimes you just have to pay for links in order to get what you want. May bloggers tend to leave paid links out of their marketing mix. But this creates a chance for you to differ from your competitors.

You can also save time and headaches with paid links. Instead of spending time contacting the best bloggers in the business and hoping they will answer your email, paying for a link already gives you access to the website you wish to have your link on.

The most important things you have to follow in order to gather successful payed links are:

  • Relevant only – mentioned more than once, the website holding your link has to be relevant to your line of business. No relevance, no value.
  • Diversify anchor texts – when you are in the webdesign business, don’t only use ‘webdesign’ as an anchor text. Diversifying anchor texts looks more natural and as you already know, Google want’t your external links to look natural in order to not give your site a penalty.
  • Also use nofollow links – Nofollow back links are also back links. A healthy mix of dofollow and nofollow also shows a natural link building pattern.
  • Spend more money on reviews by bloggers with influence – Sponsored reviews are a great way to build links from authority blogs and can introduce your company or product to a new audience. Sponsored reviews are pricy and ranging from $200 to $500. In return you will get a lot of exposure since these bloggers have a large audience.


Paid Links - Why Should A SEO Hero care?

Paid Links – Why Should A SEO Hero care?

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