SEO Hero’s Local business promotion for SEO and traffic

local business promotion for link building

One of the hardest places to get links is in your own neighborhood. The local media like television and news websites are on a tight budget and they almost always charge you for placing an article on their website. But, most companies are looking for customers in their own area, like stores and restaurants. There are a few methods you can try to get links with.

Local business promotion for SEO and traffic

What is a good link?

Links to your website that you can really use can be defined by three key points. First of all, the link has to bring referral traffic. Next to that, the link has to bring visibility to your target audience and the final key point is that the link has to build reputation for your brand or company.

The back links that cover these three basic ingredients are the best back links of which your site will most benefit from SEO.

How get in the local news

Getting in the news is not easy. An average news station will receive around 50 requests daily from entrepreneurs that have something brilliant that they would like to talk about. What can you do to get noticed by the news and get a backlink on their website?

First of all your company has to be different from the rest. Think of five strong selling points and write them down. Pick that one unique selling point and enhance it to a bigger picture. Create a story around it, you can make it controversial. Stories or articles that are awkward or strange are most likely to be picked up by the media.

When you were able to create little buzz around you or your business or product you can amplify this by sending the bigger national newspapers or websites an email and point them to the already published article on the local website. You are increasing your chances of getting a national outreach by 80% when a local news agency already published you.

Another method: join local business contests

Every major city or state has its own contests for entrepreneurs: Best Young Entrepreneur, Most Eco Friendly Company, etc.

Find yourself a list with contests throughout the year and gather information about the previous winners. Why did they win? How do they differ from your business? When you have answers to those two questions, add your company’s value to the list and start making a pitch. I am sure that every contest website has a form to enroll in the contest.

Every nominee in the contest will most likely have a description and a link on the contest’s website.

Sponsor a local sports club

Every city has a dozen of sports clubs and they all need donations. So, contact the marketing director and let him or her know you are interested in donating to the club. Ask if you can get a banner or link on their website in return.

Best practices to do now

When you are creating a page or article on your website, always include the location your business is focusing on. According to the chamber of commerce, my business name is Exalo Media. On my website and on my social media profiles I always write ‘Exalo Media | Webdesign Leeuwarden’, which contains my business name (Exalo Media), what I do (Webdesign) and my location (Leeuwarden). For the sole purpose of getting found in my own region and ranking in Google for the keywords ‘webdesign leeuwarden’.

Back link building should start with sharing the links to your website pages and articles on Facebook and twitter, but more important on Google+. Since Google+ shares and posts are indexed almost immediately by Google this is the best and fastest way of getting indexed.

When you have an mailing list with customers or have direct contact with customers, don’t forget to invite them to leave a review on a local business directory. Give them a business card with the link to the directory when they leave your building. The score is not high, on average 10 out of 100 customers will leave a review. But, Google loves testimonials from others and will definitely reward you with a higher position later on.

Local business promotion for SEO and traffic

Local business promotion for SEO and traffic

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