Link Wheels: SEO Hero Link Building Strategy

Link Wheels SEO Hero Link Building Strategy

Link wheels are perfect as a SEO strategy. Although they are often overlooked, they offer great value to increase the domain authority of your site.

Link Wheels: SEO Hero Link Building Strategy

Basically a link wheel is a pattern of links pointing from one website to another and finally linking back to your site. You can say that site A is linking to site B which is linking to site C and site C is linking to sites A and B and your website.

What do link wheels contain?

The best link wheels contain a mixture of links from different types of media. Possibilities are almost endless, but to give you an idea of what type of websites I have made the following list:

  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Blog posts
  • Article submissions
  • Wiki sites
  • Guestbooks
  • Social media

Small thing: when you create a link wheel with only the help of social media accounts, then this is not called Search engine optimization but ‘social media marketing’.

It is advised to use two or three smaller link wheels that point to one big link wheel that is pointing back to your site.

A few link wheels tips

  1. Use high quality content – only unique texts are allowed to avoid a Google penalty
  2. Don’t use automation – building manually links is always best. Look natural!
  3. Use different anchor texts and also use nofollow links. Diversify!
  4. Take your time. Build slowly.
  5. Use social media in your links
  6. Create random links, don’t follow a pattern
  7. Use high PageRank sites
  8. Bonus tip: Tier your link wheel – create more than one, different levels

How to promote your link wheels

Link wheels will keep you bringing results when you frequently update the accounts with new articles.

So, how do you promote the link wheel you have just created in order to be found by the search engines? A few simple steps:

  • Create social bookmarking links to the every free blog that you have created using web 2.0 properties.
  • Capture the RSS feed of all those blogs and submit it to multiple RSS directories.
  • Next Ping the Rss feeds.

Social bookmarking your main site will boost up a little. But social bookmarking your freely created sites can boost your main site much higher with rankings and authority, and with traffic too.

Next thing is to promote your website and ping the new created links to your website. To ping a search engine means that you give them a signal to go check a url out. You simply point them in the right direction and it doesn’t cost you any effort. In the resources section you will find two sites to ping your fresh made back links together with ten web 2.0 sites which you can use to create your link wheel.

Link Wheels SEO Hero Link Building Strategy

Link Wheels are one of SEO Hero favorite Link Building Strategies

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