Link Building with Questions and Answers

Link Building with Questions and Answers

Link building on Question and answer websites is a great way for building links. People ask Google a question million times a day and the Big G is looking for an answer to that question. You can supply the relative answer to that question by being active on websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers or WikiAnswer and leave a link to your website as well.

Link Building with Questions and Answers

Placing a link on a Q and A website is a form of offsite SEO. Downside is that most of that links are marked nofollow by the website. Still, it will generate traffic as long as the answer is relevant to your niche. Sites like the ones mentioned are ranking already high and you can benefit from that page authority.

In order to add value to the question asked, and not to get deleted by the website owner, I have a set of guidelines for you. Follow them carefully and see the traffic numbers rising on your website rising.

Find the right questions for link building

Speaking of SEO, finding the right keywords and key phrases (long tail keywords) is crucial in finding the best place to answer a question. What are your potential customers looking for? What type of questions would they be typing in to a search engine? U can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to find these kind of long tail keywords.

Another method to find the questions is to start with the answer. What answers does your website give? This might sound a bit strange but image this. On your website is an article explaining a process in your company. This process is a kind of explanation of something.

Let’s say you are looking for backlink to your Apple product blog. You have just written and published an article about the new 3D Touch technique and in that article you explain how it works. The article “3D Touch – How Apple’s New Multi-Touch Feature Works” is the answer to the following questions:

  1. How does 3D Touch work?
  2. How can 3D Touch help me work faster?
  3. What are the benefits of 3D Touch?

One article now provides the answer to three questions.

Find a high ranking Q&A website and start a new question, where already give a preview of the answer and a link to the article on your website where the full explanation can be read. Always embed a call to action like ‘go to this website to read more’ or ‘contact me if you need more information’. The call to action depends on the question asked and on the service you provide with your website or company.

Link Building with Questions and Answers

Link Building with Questions and Answers, a SEO Hero perspective

SEO Hero’s Important guidelines

Link building with question and answer sites should always be considered as building confidence with the audience instead of building links.

Since the visitor probably first came to a search engine and then came to the Q&A website, there already is a level of confidence. After all, the search engine came up with the result as the answer to the question in the first place.

Make sure that your answer is detailed enough to keep the fast website visitor satisfied, but not detailed enough to have other visitors click the link to your site for more information.

You don’t always have to place a link in an answer. Like I said: it is also about building confidence.

4 Reasons SEO Hero uses Q&A websites

Studies show that the keywords used by the search engine visitors are often a question rather than a keyword. To be more precise: the keywords are usually formulated as a question. For example the keyword string “binary option broker” would be typed as “what is the best binary option broker?”.

Because of this increase in using questions over keyword search strings, the popularity of the Question and Answer sites has significantly increased.

An increase of popularity obviously results in Q&A sites ranking higher in search engines, since there is more demand in answers to the questions. The pages in the question and answer sites are highly on-page optimized for the main keyword, are well engaged with the users and are continuously updated by its users.

Q&A sites are ideal to diversify your back link profile. A healthy mixture of dofollow links, nofollow link and different anchor texts spread over a wide variety of websites is the best solution in building your links. for SEO

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