Guest blogging for SEO, how does that work?

guestblogging for link building

Guest blogging is an awesome type of building links and traffic to your website, for a longer period. In fact, guest blogging is considered being the ultimate link building strategy. There are more benefits in guest blogging. You can build your brand by getting more exposure for what you are doing and maybe even build a community around yourself where you are the expert.

Guest blogging for SEO, how does that work?

The first step is to find relevant blogs with high authority and traffic numbers. You can use Google to find them. Enter the following string in the search bar:

“keyword” +blog

Now hover down to the results and find the top 20. Pay a visit to the website and determine if that is a blog you would like to have your company name on. Blogs with similar content are perfect for you to have your link on.

Guest blogging tips

When you are building links and guest blogging is one of the strategies you wish to practice, these guidelines should carefully followed to be successful.

One of the things Google really dislikes about content creation is duplicate content. Never ever post the same content on more than one website. It doesn’t bring you anything, it doesn’t bring the other website anything.

When you have found the blog or site you wish to contribute to, determine the style they use. You are extremely increasing the odds of being published when the supplied article is written in the same style and tone as the target website. You show the editor that you speak the same language or that you are on the same level.

Always include a maximum of one anchor text link back to your site. Be careful with the writer’s bio, Google considers guest blogging as a link building technique and you don’t want Big G to flag you as a spammer.

In addition to the previous guideline, drip-feed your content by spreading it over a few days. Too many backlinks at once is also considered spamming.

Keep a minimum of 500 words length. Add an image and pay attention to the keyword phrase you wish to score with. Only submit articles to guest blogs in such a high quality that you would also want to publish it on your own site.

Reasons to guest blog

Sometimes the company website is just not the right place to have a blog. Blogging on websites from influential people might then be a welcome solution.

When you are guest blogging on other websites this also brings you an opportunity to widen your network and to gain more followers. Maybe the audience of the blog you are publishing on has another target audience of whom you can solve a different problem for.

More reasons could be that you are staying up to date in your own niche, because you are looking for news and trends in the business to write about. Meanwhile you will learn about SEO and maybe even WordPress, depending on the guest blogging website’s content management system.

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