eBook creation and submission for link building

ebook for link building

Creating an eBook is less difficult than you might think in the first place. You are an expert in your niche and based on what you know you can write a book about your line off business. Take a minute and think of the topic you wish to write about. Now think of five chapters and write down the titles of the chapters. Can you also divide the chapters in paragraphs or sub headings? That is the layout for your eBook.

eBook creation and submission for link building

An eBook pretty much show interested people that you are an expert in your business. When you offer this eBook for free, for example in exchange of a tweet or like, you can get social backlinks form your visitors. Offering an eBook is also a method of building a list with email addresses. Every business owner should do his utmost to build such a list. The website visitor might today be interested in only your eBook.

But in a few months, after receiving relevant emails via de mailing list, this person could be your next paying customer. Next to this, you can always invite the mailing list members to share your link to their friends and family.

EBook creation tips

Before creating the eBook around the chapters you came up with, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the eBook? (teach/tell/explain/achieve)
  • What problems did I encounter with this topic?
  • What would I not want to write? Leave room for a sequel!

Make sure your eBook does not contain any marketing material. When the eBook is informative and offering great content, it will be shared by readers and create backlinks for you.

So how many pages should an eBook have? That totally depends on the topic and purpose of the eBook. I think that a free eBook should not be longer than 15 pages. See, the main purpose is to either get people join your mailing list or to get links in exchange of the download link (social share).

Keeping the eBook short gives you also the opportunity to create a sequel or to sell a more extensive eBook on sites like Amazon or EBay. Pay a visit to Amazon.com and find out if your topic is already covered and what the writers are charging for that. Maybe they even give the table of contents away on the sales page and you can use that in your turn as inspiration.

Determine the strategy you can follow. When you think of giving it away for free, don’t forget to add the right links and keywords in the eBook’s text.

EBook submission sites

When you have determined the strategy you wish to follow in sharing your eBook, it is time to get the backlinks. Write a sales page or landing page explaining the content of the eBook and add a link or two to your website in it. Use proper keywords as anchor texts!

There are numerous sites to submit the document to. Here are a few free eBook submission sites listed:

  • Manybooks.net
  • Free-eBooks.net
  • Docstoc
  • com
  • Online Computer Books
  • SnipFiles
  • BookYards
  • The Online Books Page
  • AskSam Ebooks
  • Baen Free Library
  • Free ebooks.info
  • Know Free

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