Contests – an opportunity for link building

contest for link building

Contests are an opportunity for link building. People almost want stuff for free. That is the main reason you should have a contest around your company, brand or product. Contest are one of the most popular and effective ways to attract people. How often are like and share contests in your Facebook timeline? Too often if you ask me..

Contests – an opportunity for link building

A give away will cost you or the company money. As you know, marketing is almost never for free. The benefit here is that the participant is trading something. What do you require? Are you building an email list? Or do you plan to get more Facebook likes or followers on other social media accounts? What you need is a plan. Make a plan by answering the following questions:

  • What is your goal? (link building, list growth, brand awareness)
  • How much do you wish to invest in this marketing?
  • What is there to win?
  • How difficult is it to join the contest?
  • When is the deadline?
  • How do you reach to the audience of your contest?

Sticking to the topic of this course, link building, that will be our goal in this case.

This is an idea and you might reach out to the development department of your company or find a programmer on to have someone create it for you.

Offer a chance to win something that everyone needs in his or her life. That can be a free iPad of the latest model or a subscription to whatever you are offering as a company: free beer for ten years, five years free sporting or lifetime free car wash.

When you know what your target audience really wants, make sure it is linkable, retweetable, shareable and +1-able.

Heck, you can even offer them extra credits or points for every tweet or like or friend referred. Ask you programmer to make that function part of it.

How to create a successful contest

Contests are an excited way of building an audience. Here are five specific strategies you can follow to launch and manage a social contest and leverage it to deliver real business value.

  • Define your goal – like stated before, every contest has to have a marketing goal.
  • Get creative – what type of contest differs you from your competitors? You don’t have to make it easy for the contestants. In fact, when you are looking for the most enthusiast brand fans, the more difficult or time it takes to participate in the contest, the better the result is. You will see that the quality of the leads is much better because people are really interested in the company instead of just winning something for free.
  • Leverage social media – contests are easy to go viral. Embed an incentive for sharing the contest with friends and followers by offering extra perks or something. You can also advertise on social media to find more targeted people.

Measure the contest – measuring is knowing. This contest isn’t just for fun, you are creating an audience and are looking for more customers. You need to measure the impact the contest has. What did go well, what should be done better next time.

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