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Content Creation for Link Building needs certain skills or tools. Little more difficult than de beginner strategies, but take your time and you will learn to benefit your new skills in Content Creation for Link Building. Read this round up, get yourself up to speed with our tips and tools.

Content Creation for Link Building | Round Up


Although the word infographic might not instantly ring a bell, I am quite sure you have seen them around the internet before. An infographic is a visual presentation combined with text with the sole function of clarifying raw data. An infographic takes care of difficult facts and displays them with images.

Infographics turn out to be more and more important to companies. They should be part of any company’s marketing mix since they are perfect for content marketing. It is a good strategy to get more exposure for your brand or service.


User generated content

To a webmaster this is an almost passive way of building links. We can divide user generated content in two parts: onsite and offsite. Where on site a forum would bring fresh content to your site, we will be focusing on offsite link building with user generated content.

One of the highest ranking methods are social signals. This means that every time someone tweets or shares a link about your company’s website, this gives you SEO benefits. Image you have a blog. It has traffic, say 100 visitors per day, and you are looking for more traffic and social buzz. You can combine these two!



Offer a chance to win something that everyone needs in his or her life. That can be a free iPad of the latest model or a subscription to whatever you are offering as a company: free beer for ten years, five years free sporting or lifetime free car wash.

When you know what your target audience really wants, make sure it is linkable, retweetable, shareable and +1-able.

Heck, you can even offer them extra credits or points for every tweet or like or friend referred. Ask you programmer to make that function part of it.


Content marketing

Online marketing is all about the creation of digital content and that is especially true for SEO. You are significantly improving your chances with new and existing customers when you update your website and social media account on a regular basis with fresh and unique content.

Great content on your site also naturally attracts link from other people. They might find it interesting or funny and start sharing it with their friends and co-workers.


Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an awesome type of building links and traffic to your website, for a longer period. In fact, guest blogging is considered being the ultimate link building strategy. There are more benefits in guest blogging. You can build your brand by getting more exposure for what you are doing and maybe even build a community around yourself where you are the expert.

The first step is to find relevant blogs with high authority and traffic numbers. You can use Google to find them. Enter the following string in the search bar:

“keyword” +blog

Now hover down to the results and find the top 20. Pay a visit to the website and determine if that is a blog you would like to have your company name on. Blogs with similar content are perfect for you to have your link on.


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