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Choosing the right domain name for SEO purposes

Domain names are the fundament of your online presence. They can contain important keywords (less important than last year). In addition, your domain name and your website are your portal to your new and existing customer.

When you need a new domain name for a startup business or a new project for your company, there are a few steps to take.

Choosing the right domain name for SEO purposes

Choosing the right domain name for SEO purposes

Choosing the right domain name for SEO purposes

Step 1 – Brainstorm domain names for SEO
Brainstorm in a session with your co-workers. Find keywords, what are you thinking of when saying the keywords out loud, is the keyword domain free? A few months ago Google decided not to give EMD’s an advantage. EMD stands for Exact Domain Match and refers to the exact keyword in the domain name.

Still, domain names are to be chosen wisely. They are higly brandable and when you have done your homeword they are memorable too.

Step 2 – The Basics in domain names for SEO
Mentioned already, domain names need to be typed without errors. They simply return an error 404 or redirect the visitor to something they just didn;t want to see. Short and easy are the ingredients for a good domain name.

Step 3 – Be creative
Creativity is key.

Chances are that most single keywords are already taken, so you may consider creating your own word that’s not too obscure. You can:

  1. Combine certain words together like “YouTube”
  2. Use a phrase “DropBox”
  3. Blend parts of two words together “Mashable”
  4. Tweak a word gramatically “Flickr”
  5. Add a prefix or suffix “Shopify”
  6. Make up something altogether “Odeo”


Step 4 – Be different
Dare to be different. When you let yourself in with domain name trends, your time is ending as is the trend. Currently domain names ending with a double letter are a trend. Examples:,, according to a domain name webcast by domain name marketplace BrandBucket.

The 4 key elements in choosing a domain name for seo purposes come together in a domain name infographic. Feel free to share the link to this page. You can find sharing buttons below the infographic. In addition, there is a piece of code to embed the infographic on your site. Please do so and let us know. We will tweet your link on our profile in return. 🙂

seo hero infographic about domain names and seo


Copy the following code in your blogpost to add the infographic to it:

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